Melissa Mwaura

Melissa Mwaura, known by her stage name DJ Melz, is a Kenyan American disc jockey. Her song "The Lady In Your Life" was released on August 12, 2018. She was signed to Musicality Entertainment in 2013 before its merge with Melissa Mwaura Entertainment in 2018. She won the DJ of the Year award at the 2013 Circling the Elements DJ Battle at Albany State. Albany State University (ASU) listed her as the best DJ in 2013.



Eunice- Melissa Njoki Mwaura was born on August 05, 1993 in Lawrenceville. Mwaura started dancing at singing at the age of 3. She attended Pre-K and elementary school in Tucker, Ga. In between her early education, she traveled with her parents to Kenya to study and spend time with her extended family. Melissa Mwaura began learning to speak Kiswahili and Kikuyu language at an early age.


Melissa Mwaura moved to Kenya in 2006 and attended an International Boarding school called Juja Preparatory & Senior School in Thika. Mwaura enrolled in the IGCSE program where she graduated in 2010. Over the four years she attended high school in Kenya, she participated in many co-curricula activities. She enrolled in the East Model United Nations (M.U.N) as an Ambassador for Turkey and Guyuna in the Human Rights council while attending Juja Senior School. Furthermore, Mwaura was elected at her high school to be an Entertainment Prefect. During this time, she began to host music during Saturday evenings at her High School inside of the Dining Hall. Setting the mood was something she enjoyed to do with music.

University (2010-2015)

After completing Secondary School in Kenya, Melissa Mwaura flew back to the United States and Enrolled in Albany State University in Albany, Ga. 

In the Summer of 2011, Melissa joined a local dance crew known as (FNM) and continued freestyle dancing in Albany,Ga while attending several Dance Competitions in Atlanta,Ga. While networking with several artists in the entertainment industry, Melissa Mwaura began to DJ at local night clubs, events and house parties. She gained recognition in Albany,Ga as one of the best Dj's (ranked as the best female DJ at ASU).

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